2010 FACT: Explore the secret of the largest Human Butterfly
(also called butterfly with Da Vinci's 'Vitruvian Man')
Crop Circle ever on Earth.

Many people believe the "Christ Butterfly" is the symbol of religion truth. The Christian Butterfly symbol/poems are generally known by Christianity, and the butterfly is known to be a spiritual belief of other people around the world which becomes like fuel on a fire to rise up the largest Human/Da vinci Butterfly Crop Circle on Earth ever.

Who claimed to make this World’s Largest Crop Circle on farm land?

Please see at the http://www.xld-sign.com/ for detail


Translation of the information at http://www.xld-sign.com/ by using dictionary.com: Latest Project On 07-08-'09 XL D-Sign went with a team of 60 people to cover most of the cornfield in Wilhelmina Polder. The end result was the world's largest crop circle, with an area of almost 25 acres. Watch Project Atlas.  

How big is the Human Butterfly Crop Circle?
Its' size was about 4.5 times that of the largest stadium in the USA. (Beaver stadium PA).
The question’s of the people who do not believe the crop circle was done on land by the XL D-Sign people haven’t received a response for proof of the truth, for over 5 months. 

But, now there is a video called,
"Dutch Butterfly Crop Circle Mystery 2010: New Footage" and it can be found at
and this video shows the XL D-Sign people’s attempt at providing proof. Anyone can see them at YouTube or other available video internet sites.

Please see that it is impossible that their people could worked many hours on the farm land at night while wearing the summer type clothing in January 2010.

The Facts showing the secret of how the largest human butterfly was created was revealed by
www.fact-of-life.net on February 23th and 28th, 2010 proving that the Human Butterfly Crop Circle was done by digital technology, and that means it was not made on the farm land.

Click the video and judge by yourself. Thank you.

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